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Project Laundry Room

My laundry room was long overdue for a makeover. It was the only room remaining in our home that I hadn't touched ever since moving in. While this room isn't a main focal point in any house, it is a space that I, and most moms I'm sure, spend a lot of time in. Who doesn't like to be surrounded by pretty? With a fresh coat of paint, some new cabinets, and a few decorative touches, the difference from before and after is like night and day... a much brighter, purposeful space!

Aside from the physical appearance, the functionality of the room transformed too. Along with replacing the dated upper cabinets, I also added a tall storage cabinet in the corner which was previously wasted, empty space. It's so nice to have extra storage built into the room now.

With all the little touches, the space now feels like a complete room in our home rather than a utility closet. These updates were easy to do and relatively inexpensive. The best part is I was able to install every component on my own with the exception of the wall cabinets (although I did build them).

Giving an outdated room in your home a fresh look is the best way to add value and help ensure that your home is ready to go on the market. I am always happy to assist my clients with home advice. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding design or real estate.

Want design inspiration?

Here are some of the pieces that helped me transform my space:

Black Basket Pendant Light

Floating Wood Shelves

Black Utility Sink

Beadboard Drying Rack

Lost Socks Wall Sign

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