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Here's what people are saying about Sarah...

"I had the pleasure of working with Sarah on my relocation to Chicago. I had previously lived in the city but was on a very tight timeline and because the city had changed so much since I last lived here, I made the decision to find a broker. I should also mention that in a previous life, I had my broker license in another state, so my understanding and expectation of what needed to happen were high. Sarah was diligent in her search for properties that actually matched our criteria and didn't waste time with properties that didn't. She was great about working around my schedule with showings etc. Ultimately she found a great place for us to set up home base and we were able to move in a week later. In the future, she is the only person I will consider using and recommend her to anyone who is looking for an honest and down to earth broker!"

- Nate B.

"Sarah was an absolute joy to work with! She was extremely patient and helpful throughout the search to find and purchase a condo. Not only was Sarah helpful in giving advice, but she was also genuinely invested in our search for the perfect home. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone in seek of a new home!"

-Mallory L.

"Sarah was awesome to work with. We wanted a home in Chicago and Sarah helped us outline the pros/cons of each neighborhood in an organized manner. It helped us filter out some areas, fine-tune our search, and feel really good about where we were looking. She also happened to have a lot in common with my wife, in terms of tastes. When Sarah recommended us to look at a property, we took it seriously. We're very happy with our home and decision to work with Sarah!"

-Joe A.

"Sarah recently helped us in our condo search. She knows the Chicago market well and was able to help us narrow down our search and close on our first home purchase! Sarah was able to help us navigate through issues like special assessments, HOA rules and even helped us secure an extra storage unit. If you are a first time home buyer or looking to purchase in the Chicago area give Sarah a call!"

-Dan M.

"Sarah was very helpful in helping my husband and I find an apartment to rent. She found us the perfect place that was right in our price point and really took the time to get to know us and what our preferences were. She helped us navigate all the paperwork and negotiated a longer lease for us with the owner. I would recommend her to anyone looking to rent or buy!"

-Caitlin S.

"My wife and I searched unsuccessfully for nearly 2 years with another broker. We started working with Sarah and she was such a breath of fresh air. It was obvious that she was truly invested in our home search and cared about our needs. Unlike our previous broker, who had an automated search set up and never reached out unless we showed interest, Sarah would hand pick properties and call out features that spoke to us. She ended up finding us our dream home before it was even on the market! She scheduled a showing for us pre-MLS and we were able to avoid a bidding war. We are so fortunate we had Sarah’s help in our home search. We now recommend her to everyone we know."

-Jimmy C. 

"I've been wanting to sit down and write this review for months now and have finally found the time. So often we are quick to write on our negative experiences and slow to write on the positive ones. The fact that I have been slow is NO indication of the service that I have received from Sarah. She was not only very knowledgeable and honest about any concerns she saw in properties that we had visited together, I really felt as if she treated us like family. She was very patient and just seemed to be available for all silly questions that I had. The most memorable occurrence throughout this entire process is when we almost lost the home due to a mortgage broker error, she and her company quickly recognized the issues and referred us elsewhere and we got the deal done. If not for the knowledge of Sarah and her team, well.... this review may have read slightly different."

-Yolanda D.

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